1. Consult & Measure

Your initial consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss your goals and how you want your teeth to look and feel, we’ll also produce state-of-the-art 3d scans of your oral and facial area.


We’ll have a look at your current oral health and make an assessment on the best course of treatment via a non-invasive oral examination.

Scan & Measure

We’ll produce a pain free 3D CT Scan of your jaws and facial area so that we can create computer generated visualisations of the potential results we can achieve.

One of our dental technicians will also take detailed measurements of your jaw(s) and oral area to enable us to produce the perfect set of dentures for your mouth.


We’ll draw up a proposed treatment plan outlining costs, stages of treatment and aftercare so that you can make an informed decision on the best course of action for you and your new teeth.

2. Treat & Correct

We’ll ask you to arrive an hour before your appointment time to allow us to have a quick chat and go through everything with you before your treatment begins.

Conscious Sedation

Should you have opted to receive conscious sedation our sedation specialist will go through any paperwork with you thoroughly and prepare you for your treatment.


Once prepared you’ll be taken through to the treatment room where your dental implant(s) will be placed.


Once your implants have been placed you’ll be fitted with your custom dental prosthodontics.


Any adjustments for maximum comfort will be made so that you can leave the clinic feeling confident with your new teeth.

3. Care & Maintain

A few weeks after your dental implant placement we’ll arrange a follow up appointment at which we’ll make any further required adjustments and provide you with additional information on the treatment and care of your new teeth.


Your dental implants and new teeth may need minor adjustments in order for them to fit perfectly to the shape of your gums, this can only be assessed once they have settled in for a few weeks.


Our dental hygienists will be able to provide you with instructions on how to best keep your dentures clean.

We work closely with nervous and anxious patients

If you’ve had a bad experience or are nervous about visiting the dentist you are not alone, we regularly treat patients who are anxious and we’ll be able to help.

Our team are dedicated to working closely with patients to help make them feel relaxed and confident throughout every stage of their dental implant treatment process with us, we’ll help you overcome your anxieties through a personable approach.

Are You Considering Dental Implants?

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Your initial visit will allow you to look around the clinic, meet the team, and discuss any concerns you may have about dental implants with one of our experienced dental implant surgeons.