Phil from Stoke-on-Trent opted for full mouth dental implants to support a fixed dental bridge, also referred to as Same-Day ‘All-on-4’.

Before treatment, Phil was very self-conscious about his teeth and found that eating was not an enjoyable experience for him. This meant that he struggled to digest his food and in turn developed stomach problems.

Upon arriving at the clinic, the staff made Phil feel comfortable and at ease, and made sure they checked on his well-being throughout his entire visit to the clinic, making him feel safe and secure at every step of his dental implant journey.

The treatment was completely pain-free, even during the tooth extraction element of the procedure. Phil was able to leave the clinic on the same day after a successful installation of a full set of dental implants and the results were apparent immediately.

Phil fondly recalled that at the end of the treatment day, upon seeing him for the first time with new teeth, his Grandson said “Grandad, that’s amazing!”, as he could see a remarkable difference immediately.

Since undergoing treatment with Newcastle Dental and Implant Clinic, Phil has received lots of compliments from friends and family about the end result.

Alongside many other satisfied patients we have treated here at the clinic, receiving a full set of dental implants has had an amazing impact on Phil’s life. The results have given him a lot more confidence and he now feels as though he can smile and laugh again.

The process can appear daunting to prospective patients but the outcome can offer life-changing results and our team of dental professionals are there for you every step of the way.

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