Removing Troublesome Teeth

We will always look to preserve your natural teeth wherever possible; however, there are still circumstances where an extraction is clinically necessary or recommended, Examples of when this may be are outlined below:

The tooth is badly damaged, or infected, which could lead to further health problems and more invasive treatment
You are planning to have orthodontic treatment and an extraction has been recommended to help with overcrowding
The tooth is impacted (positioned close to a neighbouring tooth) and can’t properly emerge (erupt) from the jaw.
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Removing a wisdom tooth

It is common for wisdom teeth not to fully erupt due to lack of space, leading them to become impacted.

This is a problem because it’s possible for those impacted wisdom teeth to damage adjacent teeth. Extracting these teeth is the best course of action to prevent further damage and potential infection.

What does the extraction process involve?

The extraction process will vary from patient to patient and will be determined by the complexity of the tooth which needs to be removed.

It is common practice for X-rays of the jaw to be taken in order to ascertain the best course of action for each patient. If the tooth can be removed easily the procedure will generally be carried out under local anaesthetic.

For more difficult cases, where the tooth has a more complex root structure, a more lengthy surgical procedure, carried out by a dental surgeon, may be required.

Tooth extraction aftercare

Once removed, your dentist will pack the tooth socket with gauze to help stop any bleeding, and to encourage clotting, this is normal procedure.

Following the removal of a tooth, your dentist will provide you with some useful aftercare advice which you will need to follow to ensure the area stays as clean and healthy as possible, and to aid the healing process.

Lauren Massey | Dental Treatment Coordinator

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