AirFlow® Stain Removal & Effective Oral Hygiene

As part of our dental hygiene services we also offer AirFlow® dental stain removal to patients in Stoke-on-Trent as a highly effective and much quicker solution for a brighter and more confident feeling smile.

AirFlow® is also a safe and gentle oral hygiene treatment which can be used to remove harmful plaque from teeth, biofilm from gums, and for the routine maintenance of dental implants, all through the use of a pressured jet of water, air, and sodium bicarbonate.

AirFlow® Stain Removal

Unsightly dental stains can be caused by contaminants such as chlorhexidine based mouthwashes, tea, coffee, wine, curry and tobacco.

Routine dental brushing alone cannot always remove these stubborn dental stains, especially if there is a particular build-up on the tooth, this is when AirFlow® stain removal may be suggested by your hygienist.

AirFlow® stain removal works by applying a jet of aerated water and mildly abrasive fine powder that gently cleans and polishes your teeth in a safe and efficient way.

Dental Patient After AirFlow® Stain RemovalDental Patient Before AirFlow® Stain Removal
Dental Patient After AirFlow® Stain RemovalDental Patient Before AirFlow® Stain Removal

AirFlow® Effective Oral Hygiene

Harmful plaque and biofilm can build up on teeth and gums, around dental implants, or where traditional orthodontic brackets are fixed to teeth. Thanks to its versatility and how it is administered, the AirFlow® dental hygiene procedure can be used to remove this build-up in a safe and effective manner leaving you with a much brighter and more confident smile.

AirFlow® alone is not a substitute for an effective oral hygiene routine. We recommend this treatment in conjunction with a strict home dental care routine and regular appointments with a hygienist here at the clinic.

AirFlow® for Implants

AirFlow® offers a unique approach to regular dental implant maintenance through efficient biofilm removal.

The process is minimally invasive and presents no risk of scratching to implant surfaces, abutments or bridges. The treatment has been developed to be comfortable and safe for soft tissues and gums.

AirFlow® for Braces

The AirFlow® polishing system has revolutionised how dentists clean and maintain brackets for orthodontic patients.

Plaque and biofilm are known to build up around orthodontic brackets. The AirFlow® process allows us to achieve 360-degree accessibility around the brackets and 100% biofilm removal.

AirFlow® for Gums

Periodontal conditions can also be treated and prevented thanks to the accessibility that AirFlow® offers.

The unique design of the AirFlow® tools allows them to easily access all those hard to reach areas above and below the gum line, leaving you with a brighter smile for up to 90 days.

AirFlow® Frequently Asked Patient Questions

If you have any questions about AirFlow® please get in touch.

Call us on (01782) 631355, or request a callback to book an appointment.

Is AirFlow® treatment painful?

AirFlow® polishing is designed to be as gentle on the teeth and gums as possible but some patients may feel very mild discomfort depending on the underlying condition and sensitivity of their teeth and gums.

How much does AirFlow® treatment cost?

An AirFlow® session starts from £60.00, depending on the number of teeth that require cleaning, and the overall level of contamination.

Patients who opt for AirFlow® in conjunction with a general oral hygiene appointment will benefit from the reduced session cost of £40.00.

Call us on (01782) 631355 or request a callback to book an appointment.

Am I suitable for AirFlow® treatment?

AirFlow® is an extremnely versatile treatment and is suitable for most patients, but it’s always important to consult a professional before undergoing any form of treatment.

To confirm whether you are suitable for AirFlow® treatment and to get the very best advice, get in touch and book a free telephone consultation to discuss further with one of our team.

Can AirFlow® improve the results of teeth whitening?

Although we mainly use AirFlow® for dental stain removal, dental implant maintenance, and the treatment and prevention of periodontal conditions (gum disease), it can be used as a pre-treatment to remove biofilm from the surface of the teeth to help improve the results from professional teeth whitening. Please get in touch for further details.

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