Dental Bridges

Like a crown, dental bridges are custom-made false teeth that act as an artificial cap or replacement for full teeth.

Dental bridges provide a fixed replacement for missing teeth and serve as an alternative to a removable denture where there is a large gap in your teeth.

A dental bridge can not only improve the aesthetics of your smile but will also improve function.

What does the dental bridge treatment process involve?

Dental bridges can be used to replace missing teeth and are generally supported by neighbouring teeth. In the first appointment, the neighbouring teeth may require some preparation work, and once complete, an impression or digital scan is taken.

Your dentist will then provide a temporary solution while your dental bridge is sent off for construction. There is usually a 2-week wait for the next appointment to fit the cosmetic dental bridge.

The shade of the bridge will be tailor-made to match the remaining dentition and can be made from a variety of durable materials. The dentist will check the shade for a good match and further check for function before cementing the bridge.

Did you know that dental bridges can also be used in conjunction with dental implants if you are missing multiple teeth? See our dental implant-supported crown page for further information.

The Benefits of CAD/CAM Produced Dental Bridges

We are lucky to have our own dental laboratory which makes us a truly unique dental clinic and is a great way to help patients feel confident about the delivery of their dental bridge treatment. All cases are carefully discussed and expertly planned, and often include all members of the team from our experienced cosmetic dentists to our on-site dental technicians.

Perfect Fit.

Maximum Aesthetics.

We pride ourselves on our investment in the latest technology with all dental bridges being manufactured in-house by a team of experienced dental technicians.

By using the latest technology and materials our promise is to deliver world-class results and provide you with complete peace of mind at every step of your treatment process.

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